A little poem for the children at nursery, what a busy week!

a is for all of us having lots of fun
b is for bug hunting, look close everyone
c is for chopsticks for Chinese New Year
d is for dress up … let’s all pretend
e is for efforts that we have all made
f is for friendships and fun all day long
g is for garden play, mud in the sun
h is for happy, healthy girls and boys
i is for independent,”I did it, I did!”
j is for jumping and dancing and more
k is for knights in a castle of course
l is for learning and listening well
m is for mud, it’s the best kind of fun
n is for nursery the best place to be
o is for ‘once upon a time…’as we read
p is for painting patterns and prints
q is for queuing as we go to the shops
r is for rectangle as we look at shapes
s is for shadow play out in the sun
t is for teaching the best I have seen
u is for understanding how to take turns
v is for vegetables and fruit, 5 a day
w is for waiting our turn as we play
x is for xylophone as we play in the band
y is for yes please our manners are good

z is for zzzz we are ready for bed.