Our abc…

A little poem for the children at nursery, what a busy week!

a is for all of us having lots of fun
b is for bug hunting, look close everyone
c is for chopsticks for Chinese New Year
d is for dress up … let’s all pretend
e is for efforts that we have all made
f is for friendships and fun all day long
g is for garden play, mud in the sun
h is for happy, healthy girls and boys
i is for independent,”I did it, I did!”
j is for jumping and dancing and more
k is for knights in a castle of course
l is for learning and listening well
m is for mud, it’s the best kind of fun
n is for nursery the best place to be
o is for ‘once upon a time…’as we read
p is for painting patterns and prints
q is for queuing as we go to the shops
r is for rectangle as we look at shapes
s is for shadow play out in the sun
t is for teaching the best I have seen
u is for understanding how to take turns
v is for vegetables and fruit, 5 a day
w is for waiting our turn as we play
x is for xylophone as we play in the band
y is for yes please our manners are good

z is for zzzz we are ready for bed.

Each Peach Pear Plum

The children have been super busy washing, cooking and eating plums! Together they can tell the story Each Peach Pear Plum and they make a yummy plum pie, just like the one in the story.

Under our Cherry tree

The children were very excited as they gathered cherry stones and watched the saplings grow.